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Build your AI in a sovereign and secure way with IA PARC !

« 85% of projects fail… IA PARC allows you to succeed. »

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence is a constellation of different technologies that work together to allow machines to perceive, act and learn at levels of “intelligence” that seek comparison to human’s.

AI adoption figures

  • By 2030, according to digital compass, 75% of European companies will use technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data.

  • According to IDC, the $500 billion mark in global investment in AI software, hardware and services would be passed by 2023.

  • In 2025, the global artificial intelligence market is expected to be worth $241 billion, an increase of 309.8% since 2020, according to xerfi.

  • AI has the potential to increase productivity at work; impact ranges from 11% increase in Spain to 37% in Sweden, according to Accenture and Frontier economics

“IA PARC” strengths :


Drive AI projects from model building to release, testing and production with all teams involved.Save time through intuitive handling and a dedicated virtual workspace with the main pre-packaged and versioned tools.

Powerful hardware

Equipped with RAM, CPU and GPUs, the platform elastically manages project hardware needs to optimize resources and costs.


Fast projects deployment and industrialization. The hub of models allows an easy and efficient implementation.

Sovereign technology's

Designed for companies wishing to protect their confidential data. The platform can operate on-premises with closed or open data.

The AI platform that meets all you business needs

You are a data scientist

Don’t get stuck at the proof-of-concept stage. Build easily your AI models with all the tools you need on you own workspace.

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You are a CIO

Your AI models run independently on various IT infrastructures…

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You are a company

The biggest companies in the world today are using artificial intelligence … You have to

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