Operational solution for all data within your organization

Whether you are an AI engineer or a CIO or a company developing complex and critical projects, IA PARC offers you the easiest way to develop reproducible and scalable artificial intelligence models.

For data scientists and AI engineers

Don’t get stuck at the Proof-Of-Concept stage, build easily your AI models with all the tools you need on you own workspace such as Tensorflow, Pytorch, Jupiter Notebook, R’studio, VS code or Scikit learn and more to come….

Thanks to the collaborative and intuitive interface, you will :

  1. Share your notebooks in teams
  2. Create your personal and persistent workspaces for each of your projects, and upload your own tools or use the ones available to you
  3. Have your models tested and validated easily
  4. Reuse your AI models available in the Hub for other projects
  5. Create a deployment pipeline with your models and your pro/pre processors in a simple way and put them in production
  6. Go into production by selecting the relevant customers

Simple access via Api for all your inference models

For CIOs

Your AI models run independently on multiple infrastructures and take a long time to complete. Are you looking for a way to collaborate on complex projects to implement?

Thanks to its clustered architecture and Kubernetes orchestrator (K8s),IA PARC can be used in cloud mode, sas fully managed or on premise with support and assistance.

We offer our IA PARC platform specifically designed for your AI teams with its simple and collaborative architecture. You will :

  1. Build a team around the AI project and each one intervenes successively at each stage of the project (administrator and user roles)
  2. Create workspaces and exploit the data
  3. Test and validate models while easily visualizing each step of the project
  4. Industrialize the models easily

Designed to optimize the resources of each project, GPU sharing will allow you to control your costs and appreciate your ROI

For Startups and Midcaps to large companies

The largest companies in the world today are using artificial intelligence. They have been able to transform their business models and processes.
Startups, SMEs and Midcaps have also understood it well, a winning strategy involves integrating AI into the company.

Giving value to your data by using AI is the best way to build a winning strategy for your company.

Thanks to the collaborative and intuitive interface, you will:

  1. Organize your data, structure it with your IT team
  2. Build artificial intelligence programs that match your needs and the current situation
  3. Analyze, create, exploit and deploy your models in a simple way thanks to your AI experts and our complete and sovereign IA PARC platform


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