MomentTech, an expert at your side

At MomentTech, we understand that AI is considering useful when the people who made it have the right platform. That’s why our approach is based on listening, analyzing and understanding each entity we work with.

With every project we undertake with our clients and every problem we address, our goal is to free our clients from low value-added tasks.

MomentTech is a team and a combination of talents

Our team is also yours 

Engineers experienced in combining Machine Learning algorithms and big data software. We are experts in Deep Learning and MLOps, and to your disposal to guide your organization into a future that could not be imagined ten years ago.

A company in constant growth

IA PARC created by MomentTech meets the needs of all types of organizations, for many business sectors. MomentTech helps companies that want to create and deploy their AI on a single collaborative AIOps platform.

Want to implement an artificial intelligence project? At MomentTech, we have experts who compete with the best in the field to help you through every step.

Through our consulting approach, we provide you with practical and valuable tools that can be implemented immediately. We quickly assimilate any specific business knowledge needed to understand the use case in depth and thus provide ready-to-use working solutions.

From the engineers who develop our solutions to the various teams that keep our company running, the MomentTech team pushes beyond what is possible.

Exceeding expectations is our mission.

« With the huge acceleration in data access, computing power, and speed enabled by the cloud, companies can implement AI at scale faster, improve their bottom line, and accelerate the return to sustainable growth. ».

SANJEEV VOHRA, Global Lead, Accenture Applied Intelligence

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