Efficient and scalable collaborative AI platform for developing MLOps / DLOps models

Do you want to carry out AI projects?

  • Automated quality assurance in your factory.
  • Paperless departments where operations and information flow from one department to another --- without human intervention.
  • Real-time optimization of all your operations or production.
  • A tool for predicting sales and market trends.

You are in the right place!

Specialized in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, predictive analysis and image processing. MomentTech and its IA PARC platform support SME, large corporations and state institutions who want to implement an Artificial Intelligence project.

MomentTech, a team of experienced and multidisciplinary experts in machine learning, deep learning and complex modeling.

Engineers connected to the future!

IA PARC solution offers

  • Individual access to all AI PARC tools

  • Managing cost of your GPU computing power

  • On-demand support for your AI projects

  • Freemium account & 30h prepayment use
  • Private Cloud

  • Customized infrastructure

  • Three levels of security options

  • Support from our expert teams to get started with IA PARC

  • Online support

  • Privileged upgrade of versions

  • On-demand support for your AI projects

  • Dedicated infrastructure & options on security levels
  • Available for rental or purchase including GPUs and software licenses

  • Special features on demand

  • Annual maintenance of the platform

  • Support

  • On-site and custom infrastructure

With MOMENTTECH, a responsible approach for the AI of today and tomorrow

A sovereign AI
& 100% responsible
  • Guaranteed data protection

  • Open source technologies

  • Hosting in France

  • No API to foreign AI services (GAFAM, BATX…etc.)

A powerful AI
& available
  • Scalability, high availability, and reliability

  • Resource optimization

  • Collaboration
  • End-to-end AI model exploitation and production

AI based on trust
& satisfaction
  • An experienced technical team

  • An assistance with the use of the IA PARC

  • An online support service

  • An offer adapted to the needs of the company

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