“The AIOps platform is optimized for rapid development, training and inference performance “

Sovereign AIOps platform dedicated to the design and industrialization of AI projects

Rich and intuitive platform for immediate handling.

Accelerate data scientist and AI engineers productivity .

End-to-end AIOps platform, from AI model design to deployment and operation.

A reliable, objective, verifiable and scalable artificial intelligence.

Cost optimization and measurable performance gains.


To build and deploy AI solutions that change the world, yours! 
  • A French platform for AI experts to collaborate on joint projects in closed or open source depending on the sensitivity of their data and the type of infrastructure.
  • A platform to manage a mass of data with a rich computing power of optimized GPUs to accelerate Machine Learning and deep learning models.
  • A platform providing the necessary resources and project deployment possibilities to I.S. teams.

Your collaborative projects

IA PARC is optimized for rapid development, learning and inference performance, easy deployment and data security. It supports multiple projects in parallel with version management.
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